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Located in Majuro, Marshall Islands, Micronesia

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Naan Ko Rejouj means "Words of Grace." This organization was formed by missionaries Eric and Barbara Fisher and David and Donna Utter. The goal of this ministry is to glorify God by helping the Marshallese people know the joy of salvation by grace through faith and to help them grow in their spiritual lives. These missionaries have also formed other ministries, and you can read about them below. Also, see below to learn about the missionaries and for contact information.

Naan Ko Rejouj

(Words of Grace)

Laura Baptist Church

operates this web site

has a weekly radio program on the government radio station, V7AB, in the Marshall Islands

provides Bible Correspondence Courses in the Marshallese language

oversees the printing of Marshallse Bibles

produces tracts, booklets, and other literature

is involved in translating the final books of the Old Testament

provides occasional articles for the newspaper in Majuro

engages in other activities designed to help the spiritual lives of the Marshallese

This church was started in 1989 and was incorporated in 1999.

Eric Fisher and David Utter currently co-lead this work. Our goal is to train a Marshallese man to take over and pastor this work. When the church is fully self-supporting and led by Marshallese, the missionaries plan to leave to start another work elsewhere.

The church currently meets at a large veranda built on to the Fishers' home. The church is saving money and plans to construct its own building.

Besides the normal Sunday morning and evening services, there are children's and adults' classes on Sunday mornings. There is also a Tuesday Bible study, bi-weekly youth meetings, and quarterly outreach meetings.

Bible Project Update:

Through the kindness and hard work of some friends in Colorado, the books of Genesis through Isaiah have been scanned into the computer. In mid May of 2002, the process of cleaning up the scanning errors was finished. The next step is to update the spelling of those books to the new standard in Marshallese. Then we will be editing (changing some of the old words which people do not know to modern ones and changing a few places where there were errors) and adding notes, cross references, and study helps. We need to check for consistency of names and places throughout the Bible. The books which we have translated (Jeremiah through Malachi) are still undergoing editing for accuracy and fluency.

To review the history of this Bible, the first missionaries, nearly 150 years ago, translated all the New Testament and the books of Genesis through Isaiah in the Old Testament. Because there is no standard written Marshallese grammar, and for many years there was no standard spelling, the language has changed a great deal. While the old translation is good, there are two primary problems: 1) It is not complete, and 2) there are many old words which people no longer understand.

By God's grace we have translated Jeremiah through Malachi from Hebrew to Marshallese and are planning on updating and printing the entire Bible. We have twice printed the Bible as it is with the existing portions. There is another translation in Marshallese. It is quite recent and is translated from the Good News For Modern Man version rather from the originals.

About the missionaries:

Eric Fisher holds a BA and MA from Bob Jones University. His wife Barbara has a BSN from the same school and is a certified RN in SC. They have four children: Cherith, Bethany, Jim, andAnna. They have lived in the Marshall Islands since July of 1989.
David Utter holds a BA, MA, MDiv, and DMin from Bob Jones University. His wife Donna has a BS in Elementary Education from the same school, and both have taken some linguistic training. Donna has been certified as an EMT. They have two sons: John and Daniel. They have lived in the Marshall Islands since October of 1988.


These missionaries all serve under Gospel Fellowship Association, 1809 Wade Hampton Blvd. Suite #110, Greenville, SC 29609.

Contact Information:

email: dutter "at"

PO Box 746, Majuro, MH 96960 Marshall Islands

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